winter fashon Traveling to some U.S. cities during the winter months can become uncomfortably cold, especially in the Northwest, Midwest, parts of the Northeast or in Alaska. Some U.S. destinations during winter, however, make the trip well worth its while, especially during the Christmas season when cities are lit up with decorations, skiing is the sport you've come to enjoy, or hiking in forests and mountainous regions are what you enjoy, no matter the season. Here are some tips to keep you warm and comfortable while traveling in the U.S. during those cold winter months that can last from November through April in some spots.

icestormWhen venturing outside, check the weather report and the wind chill factor. The wind chill factor measures how cold the air will actually feel on your exposed areas of skin, no matter what the actual temperature outside is. The thermometer may say it's 31F outside, but with the wind chill measurement, it can actually feel like it's perhaps 20F or colder! Try not to wear cotton clothing if you'll be outside in the cold for an extended period of time. Cotton traps moisture onto your skin, making you feel much colder. Instead, wear polypropylene or other synthetic materials that are made to draw the wetness away from your skin.

bonnets and earlapsDress in layers! This is especially true if you will be spending time on the ski slopes, but it's a great idea to layer up in any cold weather. Let that last layer of clothing be made of nylon to keep away the wind and the rain. A good material is Gore-tex or Uniqlo, favorites of skiers because they're lightweight and keep you warm without feeling bulky. If you get too warm, just peel off a layer. Eat foods that are high in fat and calories. Here's a great excuse to eat well! Your body will generate heat as it burns this food fuel as you walk around town sightseeing or exercising. Stick with warm foods and hot beverages to keep you in a warm state of mind and body. Drink plenty of fluids when it's below freezing outside, as that cold air will remove your body's moisture and dehydrate you, making it difficult to stay warm.

winter gamesWear a warm parka, preferably one filled with down feathers or a combination of down and other synthetic fibers. You will feel toasty warm if you have the right jacket on. Keep your entire core warm by wearing a coat that covers your bottom half of your body, and not just your upper torso. Don't forget to wear a hat and gloves! When your head and hands are warm, your body will be warmer. A hat will warm up your head and increase the blood circulation to your feet and fingers, keeping them warm. Without a hat, your body will close off that circulation to your hands and toes; your head might not feel too cold, but your feet will! Oh, and mittens will keep your hands warmer than gloves will. The fingers can touch one another and produce more body heat.

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