rainy day It's raining outside and your active toddler wants to play. What's a parent to do to occupy the little ones on a day stuck indoors? The answer is: plenty! Just because the sun has refused to present itself, doesn't mean your children have to stay inside and watch television. There are some great indoor activities just waiting for a rainy day to enjoy them.

Board Games
Dust off the games like Candyland, Connect 4, Trouble, Hi Ho! Cherry-O, and Chutes and Ladders and play with your toddler. Before you know it, you will be having as much fun as he will. Aside from the fun, your child will learn how to wait his turn, practice counting, follow rules, and the foul weather outside will soon be forgotten.

Bake Cookies
Find an easy cookie recipe, like sugar cookies, that your toddler can have lots of fun helping you make while the rain slides down the windowpanes. Your child can help roll out the dough, cut the cookies into fun shapes, and, the best part, decorate them with sprinkles, colored sugars or icing. It's a win-win activity when you all put your feet up in a little while and munch on the desserts with some milk.

Arts and Crafts
If you've thought ahead, you have a box stashed somewhere in the house that has all the supplies necessary for arts and crafts projects. Your toddler's rainy day activity needs whatever you've collected to make a fine art project of his or her choice. Use glue sticks, pictures from magazines, construction papers, pom-poms, crayons and whatever else you can think of to create magnificent works of art to be displayed in the house.

Children can spend hours with this modeling compound that you probably played with as a child as well. Now there are loads of play sets that go along with Play-Doh to make all sorts of things, like pretend cakes, flowers, and lots of Disney tie-ins. The clay is therapeutic as your child molds it and combines the colors to make her own unique creations. The Fun Factory Deluxe Set is lets her squeeze and mold interesting shapes using an extruder and six different Play-Doh colors.

puzzle Hopefully you have some puzzles packed away for a rainy day! Puzzles are great fun and require brainwork. It's best to only take these out on days like this, so your toddlers can't solve them in two seconds flat.

Paper Bag Puppets
Take some paper lunch bags and make puppets out of them. Dig into that arts and crafts box again for some construction paper, googly eyes, yarn, maybe a stapler, scissors, glue and markers. Decorate the bag as a bear, a rabbit, a lion, or whatever animal desired. Put hands inside the bag when done and let the role-playing begin.

Treasure Hunt
Hide a few "treasures" around the house. Give the children clues and let them find the candies or little toys. Think Easter Egg Hunt in wet weather. These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices going and make a rainy day into a fun day for everyone.

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